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Thread: 2015 OSET MX-10

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    2015 OSET MX-10

    “The OSET MX-10 is designed as the first bike for off-road, MX and play
    riders. Compared to the traditional gasoline ‘first bikes’ sold for the
    last few decades, this machine is a leap forward in performance and

    The OSET MX-10 takes OSET
    into new territory – the enduro/
    MX/supermoto market!
    This machine has been in
    development for some time,
    and we’re delighted with it!
    A ground up design featuring
    a steel frame, 48v OSET
    drive system (complete with
    3-dial adjustability) and top
    specification components, this
    machine has the potential to
    re-define the starter MX market
    around the globe.
    The MX-10 features a custom
    upside down fork built to
    OSET’s specifications and
    an adjustable oil shock at the
    rear. Hydraulic disc brakes
    with reach adjustable levers for
    small hands provide plenty of
    stopping power.
    With the dials turned up, the
    acceleration is spectacular.
    With them turned down, the
    MX-10 is very tame and ideal for
    first timers. This bike will grow
    as the rider grows!


    OSET however, has resisted the urge to simply ‘dress’ the OSET Trials machines
    as motocross bikes and pretend they are suited for the task. Instead, we
    started with a fresh sheet of paper and designed a new machine from scratch.
    The starting point was to analyse
    the ideal off-road geometry for
    children aged 4-7. Next we designed
    components and systems to achieve
    optimum performance. We knew
    what we wanted when we started
    the project and the team is confident
    the MX-10 delivers on every aspect –
    we’re incredibly proud of the bike
    we’ve produced!

    The MX-10 features an adjustable
    seat height – giving even the
    smallest riders more confidence as
    they can touch the ground. When
    lowering the bike, the geometry
    alters to provide more stability for
    raw beginners. The front forks, rear
    shock and brakes are all designed
    to suit the bike and young riders –
    they’re lightweight and adjustable
    because one size does not fit all.
    One of the biggest hurdles young
    riders have to overcome when riding
    a traditional gasoline starter machine
    is the power delivery. With most of the
    power at the top of the rev range, many
    kids are simply too scared to give it
    a handful. The MX-10 resolves that
    issue. The power, throttle response
    and top speed can all be easily altered
    to suit the rider.

    The very youngest riders can build
    confidence and speed safely. The
    linear, electric power is easy for
    children to master and allows for
    parental control.

    And we’re not finished there! Electric
    power means no kick start – which
    means no more running across a
    track to help get the bike restarted. It
    also means no hot exhaust, so no one
    is going to be scorched accidentally.
    And the weight means when they
    inevitably slide off, they can pick
    the bike up relatively easily and get
    started on their own.
    As practice locations become
    increasingly scarce, the virtually silent
    MX-10 opens up many more options
    than its gasoline counterparts. It
    means more time on the bike, more
    skills and more fun!
    And, to give the option of versatility,
    aftermarket wheels and tires can
    transform this bike for Supermoto

    OSETs intention is to never enter a
    market with a half-hearted machine.
    We want to build the best machine
    we can – be it for trials, enduro, play
    riding or motocross. We want kids to
    have fun on motorcycles – safely!

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    Re: 2015 OSET MX-10

    Expect this bike to be a big hit. The kids of today getting luckier and luckier!
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    Originally Posted by Mark250GP
    Because the YZ is about the best handling bike you get with KYB SSS.

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    Re: 2015 OSET MX-10

    Quote Originally Posted by BULL
    Expect this bike to be a big hit. The kids of today getting luckier and luckier!
    I suspect the lucky kids will have rich fathers. :? :? :?
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