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Its what you chicks get when you get excited

Yep, no chance in hell you win, but thanks for the share/s Just kidding, Im exceptionally thick skinned for forum banter. I dont take anything here too seriously

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Msa event, no helmet cams or body worn cameras allowed. That being said I spotted a sweeper with one. He was riding with DC. Think the number on his bike was E77, but not 100% sure.

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E77 used to be Wayne Evertons number , it may still be .... but that been said and done , MSA no longer allows the us of The E Numbers , this was done away with over a year ago , so was must likely just a sweeper and not a racer . He may still use it as he only races the Womza events these days so may be his womza's number
You really need to go get the spectacles