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Thread: Erzberg 2018

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    Quote Originally Posted by sithe View Post
    People have tried all types of things at these extreme events ... there was a guy a few years back who did the Roof on a two wheel drive bike ... This thing was apparently supposed to just climb up anything because of traction at the back and the front ... I don't know how that ended for him but I don't see him around these days
    If it is the guy from Nelspruit area 2011 roof, he didn't enter because he injured himself just before the race, but his intention was to use it if it rained and if it was dry he would use his 2t 1WD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buff View Post
    If i'm not mistaken Lyndon Poskitt won last years prologue on his Dakar rally bike. Or did he place 2nd? Either way, he was fast but it looks like he's traded it this year for an Electric bike. Going to be interesting to see how he manages, should be fast with that things acceleration.
    Poskitt 64th according to last years results.
    Wade was second.
    Faulkner on a rally bike as well was third.
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    Statements like these. . . .

    photo upload
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